Between writing and photographing, Ana Morais is the name behind Anita dos 7 Ofícios (from the expression ‘Jack of all Trades’). For 15 years she has developed communication and media skills and nowadays is a freelancer content producer with printed and online work in national and international publications/ platforms.

Originally from north Portugal - Mirandela - and graduated in Literature in Coimbra University, it’s in Berlin that she finally finds the “landscape” for her words. With a long professional experience in areas such cultural projects, translation and visual culture. Today she is based in Lisbon, Portugal.

The blog comes up as a way to publish some of personal texts (that one day will be dedicated to a book), interviews of inspirational people and cultural/ human photography.

Lately she dedicated herself to visual digital marketing and consulting for people and brands, providing trainings and services, along with other freelancers that collaborate under the brand Anita dos 7 Ofícios.


Work Experience

Copywriter and Photography

Creative Director

Content Producer

Social Media Management




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